Where do I get my “imperfect mom of the year” award?

My job situation allows me to work from home most of the time, but it also requires me to travel out of town for a few days every other week. Because of many co-workers being away, I had to delay this week’s trip to next week, allowing me to schedule meetings with the appropriate during my visit to the office.

The other night, my significant other and I were discussing my son’s upcoming 4th birthday party, scheduled for July 24, when he pointed out that I would be out of town for my son’s birthday on July 20. I quickly glanced at the calendar and realized he was right. Holy crap, how did I manage to do that??? Ugh, nice job, mama, for scheduling your business trip on your child’s special day!

I can fix this by either apologizing in advance to my son for not being home on his birthday, or pretending that his birthday is Monday and not Tuesday, while I’m still in town. But that would make me look like an even lousier mom, right? I guess I’d better find a really awsome Buzz Lightyear birthday cake to make up for this…

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3 responses to “Where do I get my “imperfect mom of the year” award?

  1. Been there. I stay at home and still get things mixed up some times with crazy schedules for my husband’s work and family. Although my daughter is still small, from day one I always have told her, “Mommy is doing the best she can. I may not always get things exactly when or how you want it, but know that it is not an attempt to hurt or upset you. Mommy loves you despite her faults.” I hope she always understands this.

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