Did you know they have cows at SeaWorld?

Cow sighting at SeaWorld

For those of you who doubt that my theory about daily cow sightings is true, and for those who haven’t read my post on why “every day I see a cow“, I have the ultimate proof for you. At no other place than SeaWorld San Diego, where you go to discover and marvel about the wonders of the ocean, you’ll see a cow. Don’t believe me? I had to take a picture of it as a proof, so here it is! You’ll find the lovely sun-baskin’ bovine at the entrance of the Mango Joe’s Beach Cafe.

Now, I have to say that I can’t think of any other explanation for this cow statue standing there than to guarantee that hundreds, maybe even thousands of SeaWorld visitors will fulfill their daily quota of cows this way. However, if you’re looking for the beautiful Clydesdale horses so often featured in the Budweiser commercials during the Superbowl, don’t waste your time. Since InBev bought Budweiser, the horses have moved out. Quite a bummer…

Killer whales kiss at SeaWorld

 I’d like to add that during this morning’s visit, we also witnessed amazing behavior from a group of killer whales (orcas), consisting of one adult and two younger whales. They were kissing, yes, KISSING! Take a look at this photo for a close-up of what we got lucky enough to observe. The youngsters would kiss each other, then move on to the adult female and kiss her too. This went on for the 10 minutes we stood there and it generated quite a lot of photos from passers-by like us. So if you read anywhere else on the web that someone saw orcas kissing, you’ll know that’s true, just like the fact that you do get to see a cow every day.

DECEMBER 31, 2010 UPDATE – The brand new “Every day I see a cow” blog is up and running, just in time to document daily cow sightings in 2011! Take a look and let me know what you think. “Every day I see a cow” is also on Facebook, so feel free to visit the page, like it, and share your own cow sightings with everyone. The more, the merrier!

Every day I see a cow on Facebook

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