Baby Walkers Recalled by Suntech Enterprises Due to Fall Hazard

Another baby walker recall… Honestly, I don’t understand why those are still being manufactured. The US CPSC issued a new mandatory rule on baby walkers that is effective on December 21, 2010. The walkers will be required to either: 1) be too wide to fit through a standard doorway, or 2) have features, such as a gripping mechanism, to stop the walker at the edge of a step. 

What is the point of putting your baby in a walker if he can’t follow you from one room to the next? Therefore, this new rule makes walkers obsolete, in my opinion. Get an exersaucer, a jumper, or just put your baby directly on the floor to help with motor development. Safety first. 

To see this recall on CPSC’s web site, including pictures of the recalled products, please go to: 

Suntech Baby Walker Recalled

June 22, 2010, Release #10-269 

Name of Product: Baby Walkers
Units: About 8,400
Importer: Suntech Enterprises Inc., of Commerce, Calif. 

Hazard: The recalled walkers can fit through a standard doorway and fail to have sufficient stair-fall protection to prevent falls down stairs. Babies using these walkers can be seriously injured or killed if they fall down stairs. Incidents/Injuries: None reported. 

Description: The baby walkers have a plastic frame supported by four wheels and eight brake pads. The walkers were sold in blue, pink, and green with a white activity tray and patterned, vinyl seat. Sold at small juvenile product stores in California, Illinois, New York and Texas from January 2007 through December 2009 for between $25 and $30. 

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Suntech Enterprises toll-free at (888) 268-8139 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday. 

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2 responses to “Baby Walkers Recalled by Suntech Enterprises Due to Fall Hazard

  1. I have never seen walkers like that in Canada. I suspect they’re not legal here anymore. It frankly surprises me that they’re still being sold anywhere.

    • Surprisely, those walkers were sold until December 2009 and the new law doesn’t start until this upcoming December. I really don’t see a valid reason to have a walker, as they don’t do anything to speed up the walking process anyway.

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