Things nobody told you about parenthood

Your new bundle of joy


I subscribe to the Parents email newsletter from WebMD and the other day, I found an interesting topic in my inbox, titled Things nobody told you about parenthood. The slideshow lists the 17 surprises of life after baby arrives, including: 

  • How all of your time is now sucked by your baby
  • How much you’ll be talking and facing faces at him
  • How you’ll enjoy reading books with your baby all through his childhood
  • How much patience and discipline you’ll need to raise a little man or woman
  • How much love you’ll feel for another human being, more than you ever thought possible

I can think of a few additions to this list of things you discover when you become a parent: 

  • Babies may be small but their gear and toys are BIG! The bigger the child, the smaller the toys get (and seem to disseminate everywhere in your house…)
  • You’ll be peed, pooped on, drooled on and barfed on many more times that you anticipate
  • A baby’s head is very hard and can do some serious damage (see my post on Love hurts – why do our children cause us pain every day?)
  • You’ll be visiting your pediatrician’s office many, many times in the first year and will feel like asking for a frequent visitor discount.
  • You’ll find yourself singing children’s songs out loud in your car and actually enjoying it!
  • Your child will always be your biggest fan, at least until he’s a teenager…
  • You’ll start getting some vague memories of what it was like to be a child, something you had long forgotten
  • You won’t remember what life before baby was, and you won’t miss it at all!

What other things have you discovered as a parent? Please share your thoughts when you have a moment. 

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